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Welcome to the profit zone!

Enjoy the industry’s highest payouts! Become an affiliate partner and advertise our platform on your website. For each sale generated you will get your fair share. Our affiliate program is easy, flexible, and completely free to join.

If you have a strong digital presence through your website, email contacts or social networks, joining our affiliate program is a great way for you to generate extra revenue (starting from 350€  for every customer who has paid for two months, plus 20% of the sale for 11 months after that).

How it works:

1. Register free of charge with our affiliate partnership program.
2. Choose and integrate the right advertising materials into your website, social channels or email newsletter.
3. Send us candy when you make your first commission.

Benefits or what you will get:

  1. Refer a user to our platform and you will earn commission starting from 350€ per signup plus 20% of the sale for 11 months.
  2. Advertising materials (landing pages, links, banner ads and more) which can be specially customized for your project. We’ll also send you an online lead registration form, so you can enter leads that come from offline sources and connections that you have.
  3. 24/7 access to our partner portal, so you can check the status of your commissions anytime and track down and analyse your advertising materials as well.

BONUS: A 30 day free trial with our platform. This means that if you bring a new customer you will get 30 days to build and test your own native mobile app with our platform free of charge!

Register now – it’s free!

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