The FAQ section contains answers about usage of Appzio’s platform, the base apps, features and other topics related to publishing your mobile application. If you don’t find the answer you need here, feel free to write us at info [at] appzio.com

What is Appzio?

Appzio is our own mobile application building platform. Through it we are able to publish fully native iOS and Android apps at just a fraction of the usual time and cost.

On which platforms would my application work?

Applications built with Appzio work under iOS and Android.

How much does it cost?

Appzio’s apps greatly optimize the cost for development. W do this by providing our services under subscription model (you can call it Application-as-a-Service).

The monthly fee is 350 EUR per month, which covers the full use of the platform, the cloud infrastructure, hosting and all related maintenance and support. You can also directly use one of our base apps, integrate your content in it and change the design based on your style guidelines.

If you want to simplify, extend or change the concept and functionality of the base app you can order and we can apply additional customizations for you. Share your ideas with us at info [at] appzio.com

To make your app-start smoother, all apps come with complimentary 20 USD monthly package of Digital Ocean hosting (more at https://www.digitalocean.com/pricing/).

You can read more about pricing at https://appzio.com/pricing

How fast I can have my apps published?

Usually it take around two weeks after the order to get your application published. Time may differ depending on the additional customizations which you order.

Who owns my data?

You are the sole owner of your application’s data. All intellectual property right on the content you use and the userbase you generate are yours. For more information please check the General Terms.

To help you further at any time you can export and import your data in  convenient format.

How is my data secured?

Our system is using SSL encrypted connection where the backend is based on the cloud hosting infrastructure by leading vendors like Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean. In addition to that we follow the recommended security standards for developing apps for iOS and Android.

If you have any specific question or concerns, please e-mail us at info [at] appzio.com

Does Appzio take any percent of the earnings generated through the app?

No, we do not take commission from your applications.

Everything you earn comes directly to your accounts. That is why the applications is directly published under your application stores accounts.

What is the users limit that the the application can handle?

Our architecture is scalable. This allows us to run servers on demand that always cover your application’s traffic.

With every application we deliver, we include complimentary 20 USD monthly package of Digital Ocean hosting that the app uses (https://www.digitalocean.com/pricing/). Usually, it is good for around 1000 MAU (monthly active users), depending on the application.

If at any time your app requires more power, we can always upgrade your hosting to a higher package or even provide a fully managed CDN (content delivery network) option for the app’s assets.

What analytics tools do you provide?

Our applications use the industry standard for app analysis and performance: Google Analytics and Flurry. In addition you have access to your own user management dashboard allowing you to export relevant information.

Due to the flexibility of the Appzio technology, we can easily integrate other solutions, too. Let us know what you need at info [at] appzio.com

Can my application support multiple languages?


Yes, absolutely!

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help you.