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Our mission is to help bring great app ideas to life. We strive to remove the barriers to launching custom high-quality native apps and allow people to communicate better. We believe that mobile devices should bring us even more value in the future than they do now and - mobile apps are an essential part of that vision.

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This credo inspired us to bring Appzio to life in 2015. Just a year later we received our initial investment from Eleven Ventures to create and develop our platform. Since then we have worked hard to perfect our technology to make it what it is today – a cutting edge high-tech solution for building native mobile apps. In 2017 Appzio was recognized as a trust-worthy partner from one of the largest banks in the region – UniCredit Bulbank. Together we can reach thousands of more people with great ideas and help turn them into awesome apps!

Timo Railo CO-FOUNDER & TECH Timo has over 20 years of experience in the IT&Tech Industry. Digital strategy and digital media solutions are also his specialty. He has a few successful digital companies behind his back before founding Appzio. “The idea of building Appzio came to me as a way to allow people to communicate better. Apps are a great medium and people prefer them, yet very few have the necessary resources to turn their app idea into reality. I want to change this and I am happy that I was joined by like-minded people. Together we bring consistently good apps!”
Branimir Parashkevov CO-FOUNDER & BIZ DEV Branimir has a strong business management & development background with 10+ years of professional experience. With deep understanding for mobile payments, in-app virtual economies and their correlation, application development and SaaS, Branimir is leading the Appzio team towards revolutionizing the mobile apps sphere. “Always fascinated by companies that challenge the status quo, I joined Appzio. What I love here is that every day we get to help people bring their ideas to life. My aim is to make everyone realize that building apps is not a mystical mission anymore.”
Simeon Mitev CO-FOUNDER & OPS Simeon has more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry. He is also an experienced Project Manager in a multinational environment. Simeon has 30+ successful projects with companies such as GOOGLE, NETFLIX, NOKIA, NOKIA-SIEMENS, SONERA. “I love building working digital solutions. This is what I do at Appzio, too. Once you have your mind fixed on an idea, I am the one who will help you convert it to iOS and Android. Coming with rich experience in the media sector I make sure that apps tick and tack like Swiss watches.”


Appzio is proud to be empowered by like-minded investor partners and aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

With an initial investment budget of €12 million, Eleven is one of the most active acceleration & seed funds in Europe. Set up in 2012, it already has more than 100 investments in early stage startups coming from 38 countries around the world.

Eleven’s first fund is funded by the Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises (JEREMIE) Initiative and is implemented through the Operational Programme “Development of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy” 2007-2013, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget, managed by the European Investment Fund.

In 2016 Eleven announced its plans to invest another €15 million in startup companies in the next couple of years. Appzio is proud to be one of Eleven’s portfolio companies since 2015.

Eleven’s website

UniCredit Bulbank is the biggest bank in Bulgaria and undisputable market leader in terms of assets, net profit and shareholders’ equity. A member of UniCredit group since 2000, the bank has multiple awards. Among them in the recent years such as Bank of the year 2016 - Association Bank Of The Year, Best Consumer Digital bank in Bulgaria for 2016 - Global Finance magazine and Bank of Innovations - Forbes magazine, Bulgarian edition.

The bank has a strong focus on fostering innovations and empowering entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. One of the pioneering steps on the market in that direction was the creation of a special structure since 2006, focused specifically on the selection process for economically sound Bulgarian start-ups to invest in. The aim is to support those companies to scale their businesses further.

In 2017 Appzio became one of the companies UniCredit Bulbank chose to put their trust in.

Unicredit’s website

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