Enterprise mobility
with custom native apps

Create a mobile app that connects effortlessly
with your company’s existing systems.

Optimize operations’ workflow

Your new app connects with your company’s infrastructure right away, becoming a powerful part of your present-day and future. Feel free to use your own JavaScript or PHP developers, or employ the skills of our own team.

The custom mobile solutions that we offer help you manage people and processes more efficiently. As soon as we start making your app, you can view it on your own device and control the process.

The final delivery is within just 9 weeks, and the iOS and Android apps have passed all the relevant security tests.

Key benefits

A license for clear ownership

With the Appozio license, you control all the rights for the code. You can modify and extend the license as and when you need, with the input of your partners or our team.

Meeting security standards

Security is a priority. Everything with our name on it meets all security needs, and our platform and apps have passed HP Fortify tests and are fully OWASP compliant.

Control and independence

In addition to your new app, your license to use our technology allows you to develop it internally or with external partners of your choice. Feel free to host on-premise or in the cloud.

Dashboards and reports

Data from your apps is systemized and exported to your existing systems. You can use the provided information for reporting and data mining.

Features included

Easy A/B Testing
Web admin
Access to backend code
Automated publishing to stores
Scalable cloud hosting
Easy-to-use CMS
Professional UI Design

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can create custom applications and even start from scratch, if you want.


Appzio provides a rich set of existing mobile components which in most cases are everything a polished app would need. If you need to extend, you can add Flutter components or with Appzio enterprise license customize the native iOS and Android code.


Android client is written in Java and Kotlin, the iOS with Objective-C and Swift. Mobile client can be extended with Flutter modules. The backend core is created with PHP and modules & components can be written with PHP or NodeJS. Continous integration uses GitLab and several other tools. Deployment has ready made Terraform scripts and Kubernetes setup for most common cloud environments.


Yes, you can test by signing up for our free edition. It provides a quick start with the system and gives access to selected templates to jump-start your experiments. When you are ready, you can then upgrade to Professional Edition or if you find it tough, you can ask for our partner services.