Enhance your HR
with a custom app

Real-time data collection, talent management, and learning
becomes simple with a strategic Appzio app.

Complex problems are made simple
with the right help

Due to our low-code technology, we have a track record of speeding up the delivery of mobile applications and reducing
company costs. Appzio apps connect easily to a company’s system and infrastructure - an asset from day one.

Apps made with us make it easy to integrate mobile solutions to help manage people more effectively.
Our portfolio of apps proves that we can deliver in any industry, for any purpose. You can use our team
or your own partners and resources to build the app.

Key benefits

Ownership license

You receive a license that grants clear ownership of your code, along with the rights to use the Appzio platform components inside your apps. You can further build with the use of Appzio’s team or your own developers.

Meeting security standards

The security of your app is something we take seriously and truly value. We’ve passed HP Security Fortify tests and we’re OWASP compliant. We want you to focus on the great things your app is doing for you, without a single concern.

Vendor independence

Once you purchase the license to use our platform, you are not bound to work with us to deliver your apps. You can use your inhouse development team or any other external partners. You are in control, and we are here to help when you need us.

Easy data access

You receive the processed data from the apps summarized in a report to your dashboard. You can view the information in a clear and structured way, extracting reports to support important decisions.

Features included

Easy A/B Testing
Web admin
Access to backend code
Automated publishing to stores
Scalable cloud hosting
Easy-to-use CMS
Professional UI Design

"Exellent customer experience - my organization (the HR devision) became their client and they deliver by far the best cost/benefit/UX ratio on the market."

Fillip Genov, VP Unicredit

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can create custom applications and even start from scratch, if you want.


Appzio provides a rich set of existing mobile components which in most cases are everything a polished app would need. When some additional touch is needed or you cannot find a component that is needed, you can contact Appzio’s team.


Applications are native, so the Android client is in Java and the iOS one is written in C. The backend can be created with PHP or Java Script.


Yes, you can and you will get the Appzio benefits - high quality apps built faster and in much shorter time. You can either ask Appzio for assistance or you can use any development studio or internal team that you are used to working with.